To start, Stop.

Calm down. Give yourself a break.

For better or for worse, whatever it is…it likely isn’t going to happen today.

Take a deep breath, relax.

And keep in mind that only the Patterns Matter.

Everything is inertial.

Everything is Inertial  a collection of articles about creative productivity aimed at freelance creatives like me whose craft is also their business. Photographers, writers, videos editors, designers and all those who need to nurture their craft and manage their own time.

It’s the end product of a lot of notes taken and books read over a period of 18 months as I worked as a broadcast producer/editor and “hobbied” as a stand-up comedian and songwriter.

A lot of things didn’t work. Here’s what did.

Feel free to ignore the order of chapters. Jump around all you like. Read the interesting sounding bits first. Maybe click on the tag cloud, and see what takes your fancy. The chapter order is more of a suggestion.

Very soon, these chapters will be compiled into Audiobook and eBook which will be made available on this site. If you’d like to support my work that’ll be the best way to do it. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe and follow the posts as they are released.

Many thanks – and enjoy your visit!

Doug Suiter